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Domestic Air Conditioning Installations in Peterborough


    Domestic Air Conditioning Peterborough

    Air Conditioning isn’t just for offices and commercial buildings. Many homes can benefit from home Air Conditioning, and we have installed in many houses with very satisfied customers.

    Conservatories are the perfect room for a home Air Conditioning system. It’s the one room where the temperature is never right – too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

    Air Conditioning could transform your home into a comfortable environment all year. From having a comfortable bedroom to a home office with an enjoyable balanced temperature, domestic Air Conditioning really can change how your home feels!

    You can view our portfolio of home Air Conditioning installations by following the link below!


    Full Guarantee

    We fully guarantee that the air conditioning materials used, and the service provided, will be of the highest quality.

    Every Room Install

    A domestic air conditioning install doesn’t have to just be in the conservatory. We install in bedrooms, lounges and home offices.

    Free 5 Year Warranty

    As standard, all kit supplied with a 5-year warranty to offer you additional peace of mind that you’ll always be covered.

    Why Have Air Conditioning Installed in Your Home?

    Air Conditioning units are dual function and offer heating as well as cooling. Most new units have an auto change-over switch so the unit will cool or heat as required.

    Keeping the air pure is another benefit as most modern units are fitted with an anti-fungus filter to catch allergy causing mites and odours keeping the environment clean and like fresh air.

    Transform room like your conservatory into a fully functional part of your home that can be used all year round.