Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning Peterborough


    Commercial Air Conditioning Installations, Repairs & More!

    We provide commercial Air Conditioning in Peterborough for all businesses and environments. All buildings should have quality Air Conditioning systems so they can allow their occupants to work in a comfortable environment.

    At Eurocool, we understand how to effectively implement the right system for every situation ensuring your environment is at a nice even temperature year-round.  All our commercial Air Conditioning systems offer cooling and heating to ensure you get the most from your staff.


    Your commercial air conditioning system will be designed, tailored and built solely around you and your business needs. Click here to see some of our customer testemonials.


    All of our installation engineers are hand-picked and trained to very high standards to ensure professionalism at all times.


    We ensure correct procedures are followed and relevant paperwork is issued in accordance with any local authority requirements.

    Air Conditioning for Shops and Retail

    If you are selling to the public you need the right environment for them to be comfortable so that they dwell longer in your premises and make it more likely for them to purchase from you.

    You can make your shop more welcoming today with a dual purpose Air Conditioning unit which will offer you air conditioning in the summer months and heating in the winter. The perfect all-round solution at an affordable price.

    Click here for examples of some of our Commercial Air Conditioning installations in Peterborough

    Air Conditioning for Beauty Salons and Spas

    When your customers come to have beauty treatments they want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Your environment needs to be just right as to create the right impression for your service.

    Many small salons advertise their Air conditioned status as an added benefit to booking with them. If your customers are happy and the environment is right they will return.

    Air Conditioning for Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

    Ensuring your restaurant and bar has the right temperature is essential to keeping your customers happy. It’s also important that your customer doesn’t feel like they have sat in the kitchen during their visit as they can smell all the kitchen smells.

    As well as keeping the right comfortable temperature, adequate ventilation (air change) must also be provided, in order to extract cooking smells and stale odors. This can all be done by the right air conditioning system.

    Office Air Conditioning

    We can help you keep your office environment comfortable both in summer and winter. Eurocool can provide a heating and cooling system that is both economical and environmentally friendly.

    Improved employee comfort can improve performance and production, which makes air conditioning a smart investment. We can visit your office and perform a no obligation site survey to determine what unit type and manufacturer best meets suit your workspace best. This will ensure you keep running costs low and your environment at the optimum temperature year round.

    Server Room Air Conditioning

    Server rooms are an essential part of your business. They must be kept at the correct temperature so as to ensure the computer equipment keeps running.

    From a simple wall mount to close control with humidity function, we can design, supply, install and maintain the right server room air conditioning unit for you.

    Refrigeration, Cold Rooms and Fridges

    An essential part of many businesses is to keep your cold rooms, freezers, beer chillers running at the correct temperature. Not only does this ensure economic running costs but also avoids any wastage or damage to stock.

    It is important to ensure the correct equipment is installed to meet your needs but also to keep regular maintenance in plan in place to ensure smooth running of your systems. We can assist from design and installation through to a regular maintenance schedule.