Case Studies

Air Conditioning Installation Case Studies

We’re extremely proud of our domestic and commercial installations.
Below, you’ll find a range of versatile fittings that Eurocool have completed for customers in the Peterborough area.

Commercial Installation Projects

Exposed ducted office Air Conditioning

Hampton Peterborough

This company approached us, looking for a heating and cooling solution for their modern meeting room. The quirky and modern building, with vaulted ceilings and a rustic feel, needed an HVAC system to complement the creative space. We installed an exposed, ducted air conditioning system to fit the modern scheme of the room and deliver both the heating and cooling requirements.

exposed ducted office
kennels air con


We were tasked with installing efficient and effective, new AC in this client’s kennels. The dogs needed warmth in the winter and appropriate ventilation and cooler temperatures during the summer months. It was also crucial to maintain consistency throughout the space, enabling every dog to enjoy its creature comforts. A wall air conditioning unit system was the best solution for this space. Units were installed throughout the kennels, with individual outdoor condensers to allow for single or multiple use.

VW Skoda Showroom

To be consistent with the look and feel of a high-end car showroom, we were asked to provide a functional, yet stylish air conditioning solution. A well-lit showroom can generate a considerable amount of heat. As such, we needed to supply an HVAC system that was compatible with both the demands of the environment and the comfort of customers. We built ceiling cassettes into stylish, square pods to conceal each air-cooling unit. The system became a feature, creating the wow-factor, above each vehicle display.

Skoda show room
server rooms

Data Centre

We are specialist, data centre, air conditioning contractors. A data centre is a building or dedicated space, used to house computer systems and their associated components. The temperature in a data centre is a crucial consideration. EuroCool are specialists in close-control, air conditioning installation. We offer solutions to balance humidity levels, thereby enabling expensive IT equipment to function effectively. Our data centre customers include the National Health Service and the Ministry of Defence.

Domestic Installation Projects

Park Homes

A single, air-conditioning unit provides the perfect, cost-effective solution for a park home. A domestic, air-conditioning unit delivers warmth in the winter and cooler temperatures during the hotter, summer months. We have installed effective systems in several park homes. Our clever installations conceal the outdoor condenser under the home to ensure the solution is as stylish as possible. Utilising air conditioning in a park home reduces the need for gas-cylinder heating, thereby offering a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution.

Park Homes bedroom
ducted system

Ducted System

We installed a ducted system in this new, single-storey, home office extension. This Mitsubishi air conditioner supplies heating and cooling through a discreet wall vent. The unit allows the user to heat or cool the office in isolation, providing the perfect solution when working from home in one room. These systems also offer an effective option for bedroom installations.

Garden Rooms

Our customer required an HVAC system for their new summer house which was to be used as a home office. This wall-mounted, Mitsubishi air conditioner provided a self-sufficient heating and cooling system and separate outdoor condenser to enable year-round use of the space. Alongside our seven-year warranty, we also supplied a Wi-Fi adapter, providing a remote-control option to ensure exactly the right temperature for comfortable working.

Garden Room

Bedroom - ultra quiet system

While all modern air conditioning systems operate quietly, as a light-sleeper, this particular customer required the quietest product we could supply. We installed a sleek, quiet air conditioner model by Daikin. The Emura boasts almost silent operation, thereby enabling our customer to enjoy a sound night’s sleep, in a comfortably cool environment.

We can also supply the new, innovative Samsung WindFree systems for superior climate control. With thousands of micro-holes that allow fresh air to circulate gently and evenly throughout any room, the WindFree range allows you to live, work and relax comfortably without experiencing unpleasant, cold drafts.